Saturday, July 20, 2013

Graffiti Creator
This is a fun, no login necessary, way to create titles with a Graffiti style for projects. It doesn’t do much other than make pretty cool text but the kids like it.

PiktoChart (Data Visualisation)
This is a great way to create Data Visualisations. These are printable posters that display large amounts of data pictorially with graphs and size comparisons. It’s pretty easy to use but you do need to sign in.

Google Fusion Tables

This one is perfect for the scientists and social scientists; it’s a bit tricky to use but worth the effort. You and your studnets can create interactive maps with images and data by putting information into Google Fusion Tables. The link is to a tutorial to follow (I thought just linking to the tool itself would not be very useful) and please ask if you want to use something like this in class.

Blooms Digital Taxonomy the Wiki

This is a great site that teachers from all over the world contribute to. It is teachers ideas of how to implement Bloom’s taxonomy in a digital world and has links to other tools that you can use in the classroom. The great thing about this site is that it is a community of teachers and learners and you can contribute to the community youselves.

Interactive, Media Rich Timelines

This gorgeous website allows you (or the students) to create timelines where each point in time includes any combination of text, graphics and video (youtube). It allows the students to visualise the distance between events in time. You can even upload the data in spreadsheet form.

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