Monday, February 13, 2017

New Year - New Everything

It's a new year and I'm changing just about everything just to keep it interesting and to try to make the vibe of Digital Technologies come alive in NSW classrooms before we officially get a curriculum.

First Change: Year 8 technology this year will be using the ATTINY85 with usb interface to program our electronic plush monsters (See Tutorial here)

Second Change: Year 8 needed an Interdisciplinary Unit because they are transitioning to MYP. I put forward a proposal with PDHPE to create a new STEM-Health Subject. We'll be helping the students to make Android Apps using Appinventor 2 to motivate users to be more healthy.

Third Change: I have the largest group of external students ever in Software Design and Development (Preliminary) and I'm looking forward to helping them to bond and work together as a class as they progress towards the mastery of HSC Software Design.

I also have the Australian Computing Academy which will start talking over more and more of my life as I help integrate Digital Technologies resources into classrooms across Australia. 

This is going to be fun!

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