Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kivy Basics - explaining widgets

This is my video that has gained some small amount of traction on YouTube that explains the passing of information becak and forth between py and kv files.

Example 1:  Coin Toss


Example 2: Noob basic shape

Hope this is useful to people trying to get started in Kivy.


  1. The best explanation I've seen for:
    1. Kivy's way of doing things
    2. Thinking in GUI and OOP terms and how convenient it is once you get some concepts.

    I am a Python person trying to 'graduate' from tkinter to more advanced gui programming due to client's constant requests for 'smoother interface experience.' Explored C#, Swift and their gui modules and found it to be impressive yet too much of a learning curve...

    Have you considered offering a course on Udemy or other venues? You have a great ability for teaching the things I mentioned above - trust me, I have searched everywhere!

    1. Forgot to mention I came by way of your youtube intro on Kivy.