Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Showing off some great kid work

At the end of last year I had my Year 10 students combine their multimedia skills and their programming skills with a Ren'Py project. The project brief was to create a "choose your own adventure" story using creative commons licensed images and reader interaction. term 4 flew by as it does each year with exams and final assemblies but a couple of the students finished a really high quality product. I have posted one here with Elizabeth's permission. I hope to post another one when I get it.
This is called "Plane Crash" and it's pretty well explained in the game what's going on. Be careful, there are a number of ways to die.

This is the link to the zip that installs the game files.

Please comment if you get a chance to download and play it so I can give the feedback to Elizabeth.

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