Friday, January 6, 2017

NCSS 2017 Day 3

This is probably ill advised, it's already half past midnight and we have a big day tomorrow and I'm not going to be at my most perky but I want to get it down. I think that the length of the post may reflect my wish for bed.

We had our next two lectures, one covering bits, bit shifting, adding, oring and xoring (I am claiming the right to invent verbs) and and the other covering how flashing to the micro:bit actually works in circuitry, a barrel through dictionaries, functions, classes and file processing. 

We had a great time in labs today and I did a whole heap of tutoring including a short mini-lecture on how decimals work in binary. I probably should have worked out a really nice example before I started playing with the whiteboard marker because it turns out 0.1 gets to hard mixed fraction subtraction really quickly... ummm #mathfail or #studentchallenge?

I love talking to the the very clever tutors about the hardware stuff that's started to be relevant to the embedded workshops. We had mini-lectures on Ohm's law. and went through the components box to see what we can play with on Saturday, we also had a student invent a very excellent (and addictive) game to display on a 5 x 5 grid of LEDs and two buttons. Top Day!

The teacher team then got smashed in the scavenger hunt but it's still my favourite evening activity (I still love you ScavHunt!) there are lots of excuses but they will just cover the fact that we clearly didn't want it enough!

Tomorrow (later this morning) we will be taking very few photos in some very cool workplaces when we visit some sponsors (Wisetech Global, Google, Atlassian and CBA) So excited! Bed time.

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