Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NCSS 2017 Day 1

For the third time I am giving up 10 days of my holiday to experience the brilliant professional learning available at NCSS (National Computer Science School). 

I am in a slightly different capacity this time around as I am a Teacher/Tutor. This is a bit strange for me as there are 3 of us and I'm sure we'll be an invaluable resource for our fellow teachers but we're still defining the role so I'm a bit unsure who I am at the moment. 

We've just completed Day 1. It's only a short day so this won't be a very full post but we're all already immersed. 

Run down for the day: 

  • Lunch with early arrivals 
  • Meet the teachers (What a great bunch! I'm excited by how many have been before) 
  • Afternoon Tea and Registration 
  • Official welcome to the program 
  • Lecture 1 
  • Dinner and kick off of murder (I hold the record for the first kill! But was dead before I left the dining room) 
  • Getting to know our groups and team building activity 

Lecture 1 was fairly straightforward - it's always a challenge to excite the experienced kids without alienating the inexperienced ones. The lecturers did a great job of developing rapport.

Special mention to group 6 who rocked the flag pole build and were robbed of our glory by the three teams whose flags were "technically" higher than ours. Points for prettiness and teamwork please!

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